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DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair

DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair
DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair
DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair
DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair
DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair

DP-YS035 Electric Dialysis Chair

Product dimension: 186*55*55-83 cm

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Elevate patient care with the DP-YS035 Infusion Dialysis Chair, meticulously designed by Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to deliver unparalleled comfort and efficiency in medical settings. Our state-of-the-art dialysis chair is an essential addition to any modern healthcare facility, offering optimal solutions for patients undergoing infusion therapy or kidney dialysis.


Key Product Highlights:


Ergonomic Design: The chair boasts a patient-centered ergonomic design, with a backrest that seamlessly adjusts from an 0 to 71 degrees, ensuring comfort during long treatment sessions.

Adjustable Dimensions: With a height that extends from 550 mm to 832 mm, and a seat width of 550 mm, this chair accommodates patients of various sizes, providing ample space for both comfort and ease of access.

Enhanced Mobility: The chair is equipped with high-quality, easy-glide casters, making it simple to move and position within the treatment area. The rear casters lock securely to ensure patient safety.

Integrated IV Pole: An adjustable IV pole is incorporated, designed to support various medical procedures, enhancing the chair's versatility in infusion and dialysis treatments.

Healthcare Efficiency: Ideal for hospitals and clinics, this chair is engineered to facilitate efficient workflow for medical staff while providing patient comfort.

Durable Medical Equipment: Built with longevity in mind, our infusion chair withstands the rigors of daily use in a busy medical environment.

Medical Chair Versatility: This chair's adaptable features make it a must-have for any medical setting, particularly suitable for nephrology, oncology, and outpatient clinics.

Patient Comfort: Emphasizing patient care, the chair’s design caters to a pleasant and calming treatment experience, reducing patient anxiety and improving overall satisfaction.

With its superior design, the DP-YS035 Infusion Dialysis Chair not only meets the highest standards of medical furniture but also contributes to a therapeutic environment where patient well-being is prioritized. Enhance your medical facility's capabilities with Dongpin's leading-edge chair, crafted for excellence in patient care and clinical performance.


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