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DP-YF024 Gynecology Bed with Storage

DP-YF024 Gynecology Bed with Storage
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DP-YF024 Gynecology Bed with Storage

Max. Load
250 kg

Dimensions (cm)
(L) 185 x (W) 68 x (H) 62

DP-YF024 gynecology table is available for gynecology examination, postnatal care, female private care.

  • Details

Function: Multifunction adjustment, removable armrests, large storage cabinet, waste basin system.


Application: Prvate care, gynecological examination, postpartum rehabilitation program etc.


Services: We offer OEM and ODM services, welcome B2B customers come with us for project docking, product modification, customization etc.


Certification: ISO 13485


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