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Hospital special disinfection tool cart DP-6053T

Hospital special disinfection tool cart DP-6053T

Hospital special disinfection tool cart DP-6053T

Automatically disconnect the safe UV disinfection tool cart.

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Disinfection tool cart DP-6053T
Size: 50(L)*40(W)*85(H)CM
product description:
1. Light-transmitting acrylic sheet
Using transparent flat glass material, it is improved to UV protection transparent acrylic.
2. UV germicidal lamp
After a comprehensive and rigorous test, it adopts an acrylic plate uv light source, which is sealed without light leakage and will not cause harm to the human body in normal use.
3. Built-in mirror 360°
No dead ends, anti-virus and sterilization
4. Automatic power-off system
When the drawer is opened, the drawer is automatically turned off by the ultraviolet light.

Product function analysis:
1. Large storage space. 3 drawers + 2 shelves.
Provide enough space for equipment and auxiliary accessories.
2. Sterilize the back of the tool cart, extra space for placing wires, which is both beautiful and convenient.
3. One or two more movable lighting lamp holes can be added to the railing to facilitate lighting by the beautician.
4. Lockable caster single bearing 50 kg

Suitable for use scenarios:
1Beauty salon beauty studio, equipped with beauty and skin care tools, large storage space, and ultraviolet disinfection function are well received by beauticians.
2. The bedside table in the hospital ward is simple and movable. It is suitable for nurses to treat patients\' wounds. The ultraviolet disinfection function makes the patients more at ease.
3. Hospital departments and doctor\'s office assistant mobile tool carts can place supplies needed for diagnosis and treatment, and disinfection at all times can reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

4. Applicable to all major public offices. In health care centers, children\'s massage centers, lactation centers, etc., ultraviolet disinfection is an indispensable trend in every public place in the future.



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