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Best Massage Table For The Baby Massage

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Oct 06,2018

Baby massage relieves irritability

Massage can lower certain stress hormones (ACTH) and increase resistance. When the baby is crying, the body will produce stress hormones, and the immunity will drop. By massage, your baby's stress hormone (ACTH) can be reduced, immunity can be restored, and emotions can be relaxed.

Soothe emotions

Massage can promote your baby's EQ development, so Mommy can use touch to stabilize the baby's mood. After a daily hospital hug and care for babies in a hospital in New Yorkbest massage table, the mortality rate for infants under 1 year old fell from 30% to 10%. If the baby is not hugged or touched during the three months of life, emotional development can be irritating.

Relieve pain

Massage can relieve pain, which can be observed from your baby's reaction. A crying, uncomfortable baby can calm him down by massage. For example, a chest massage can make breathing smooth, and an abdominal massage can eliminate flatulence.

Sleep peacefully

A study showed that most of the babies who received the massage were able to sleep peacefully, and they were less likely to cry, and the uneasiness was greatly reduced.

Promote parent-child feelings

Massage can make your baby feel the love and patience of Mommy. Under the care of love, the baby will feel valued and increase the child's self-confidence. Since the mother will definitely look at the baby while the baby is massaged, the baby will feel the maternal love in Mommy's eyes, and can also observe whether the baby's visual movement reaction is normal.

When the baby is massaged, most of the baby's body is smooth, so it is recommended that the mother can observe the baby's physical condition while exercising. Look at the baby's body on both sides of the symmetry, how to react when moving the baby, or whether the head has a torticollis or whether the hands are swinging, preferably on a professional best massage table, otherwise it is softer and harder. The baby may be accidentally injured on the bed. Therefore, when you choose a best massage table, you can choose Dongpin Factory. We are the guarantee of your confidence.

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