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Causes and harms of migraines

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Sep 08,2020
What is migraine?
Migraine is not just a short-term headache. Migraine can be a long-term neurological disease. Many patients struggle with migraine for life. Headache erodes the patients\' days of happiness.

How is migraine caused?
Usually a primary headache
Genetic factors: 60% of patients have a family history
Endocrine factors: women\'s menstrual cycle and various metabolic reasons
Dietary factors: various food additives, chocolate, red wine, drugs, etc.
Mental factors: too much and too little sleep, excessive stress, stress, and overwork. In clinical practice, too little sleep and too much mental stress induce many migraines.
seek medical treatment
The pathogenesis of migraine is divided into
Vascular type: Throbbing headache caused by vasoconstriction and spasm, and reduced blood flow affects various types of neurons, such as optic neurons and peripheral neurons.
Neurological type: nerve function first develops and then becomes blood vessels to decrease blood flow. The cortical nerve zone originating in the back of the brain is subjected to harmful stimuli, which causes the expansion of the cortex to be inhibited, and expands to the adjacent cortex at a speed of 2-5mm/min, and the expansion of blood flow decreases, which leads to headaches
Trigeminal nerve vascular type Trigeminal ganglion and fibers are stimulated to increase the active substances in the brain and cause vasodilation and pulsatile headache.
Chronic migraine: 15 days or more per month
Stage headache: 4-14 days per month
Time for each headache attack: 4-72 hours
What are our misconceptions about migraine?
1. Migraine does not pose a big threat
Although migraine does not directly damage brain cells, long-term migraine can cause frustration, lack of concentration, and migraine with aura can cause ischemic stroke and even death.
2. Migraines can cause brain cancer
pmc American Health Association mentioned that headache or migraine will not increase the incidence of brain cancer
3. Migraine does not harm the brain
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control pointed out that 10-15% of people with migraines are more likely to cause brain damage
4. Migraine and stroke are not related
Patients with migraine with aura are twice as likely to get ischemic stroke than those without migraine. According to data, women with migraines aged 35-45 are more at risk of stroke with smoking and high blood pressure.
Under what circumstances would our diagnosis of headaches be wrong
1. Diagnosed online, 70% of people confuse sinus headache and migraine
2. I believe too much in genetic heritage. Parents may not have migraines by themselves. Many people diagnose themselves based on their genes effortlessly.
3. If you don’t seek medical treatment, insisting blindly is just a headache.
4. Do not pay attention to your headache symptoms.
5. There are more than 200 kinds of headache symptoms, not a headache or a migraine.
6. Migraines will change according to external conditions, such as age, environment, fertility, etc. For example, migraines diagnosed 5 years ago may not be the same now.
seek medical treatment
The most typical symptoms of migraine are accompanied by nausea and even vomiting, visual changes, but this is not the only way to diagnose yourself
Chinese medicine treatment of migraine.

Through the above introduction, I hope everyone has a basic understanding of migraine attacks and prevention and treatment.

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