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NBA and Alibaba DP physiotherapy massage table cooperation

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Mar 08,2019

NBA China and Alibaba Group jointly announced today that the two sides will upgrade their strategic partnerships, which will bring NBA-related content to Alibaba\'s platform for the first time, and will enhance the online shopping experience of Chinese consumers.
“The NBA has been looking for innovation and we are very excited to expand our partnership with Alibaba,” Derek Chang said. “We have a common goal: to use the latest technology to provide fans with a unique online content and consumer experience, we look forward to Cooperation with Alibaba continues to promote the development of basketball in China."
NBA players have the privilege of working with Alibaba, and players can enjoy more benefits from China Dongpin physiotherapy massage table companies. Our professional physiotherapy massage tables provide the player with soothing muscles throughout the body, waist and feet. Even when the player encounters a worse condition, the Dongpin professional physiotherapy massage table can provide the best treatment scene in the first time to prevent the player from being injured twice. Dongpin physiotherapy massage table has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with Alibaba. It is hoped that Dongpin physiotherapy massage table and Alibaba will have a worldwide reputation.

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