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Dongpin Black Friday is coming

Treatment Table

Dongpin Medical physiotherapy bed is to return to the vast number of American customers, 2019 "Black Friday" Dongpin came to the United States in Texas!

Customers in the United States should note that "Black Friday" is officially pre-sold.

For the first time, Dongpin physiotherapy beds set up overseas warehouses in the United States.
Purpose: US customers are more convenient to purchase Chinese goods.

1. US direct delivery, saving waiting time.
2. Free postage in the United States, reducing purchase costs.
3. After-sales service is guaranteed, there are quality problems replacement.
4. More cost-effective than local brand products.

1. Activity information
Pre-sale time: 2019.11.9
Officially on sale: 2019.21.29
MOQ: One for sale
Purchase channel: All official promotional channels of Dongpin. (Dongpin official website, official FB, Ali flagship store) can be placed directly.
Free postal area: Free in the United States. (Island is not included)
More special package will be announced in early November, remember to pay attention to this website information.
The right to interpret everything belongs to Dongpin Medical Beauty Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact customer service as soon as possible.

2. Activity product details
The products that participated in the direct shipment in the US have the following:
Electric Treatment table series:DP-G903/DP-G904/DP-8294
Electric examination bed series: 8273
Folding physiotherapy massage bed: BM-2523-123/ 2723-123
Physiotherapy storage tool cart: DP-6037/DP-6038/DP-6039
Master Chair: DP-9920/DP-9934
Other series:DP-9970/ DP-9972/DP-9973/DP-3710/3711DP-3604/DP3606/DP5900

Dongpin’s “Black Friday” discount, you can’t miss it! ! !

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