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Electric beauty bed is suitable for home beauty salons.

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Oct 28,2019
Electric beauty bed is suitable for home beauty salons.

As women\'s social status continues to increase, modern women attach great importance to their own wealth appreciation and appearance.
The modern Internet is developed, and many beauty and skin care KOLs on Facebook and INS have also opened family-style beauty salons.

What are the advantages of a small family salon?
1. Convenient location. Location selection is the most advantageous in residential areas, with residential households as the target consumer group.
2. Time is free. Convenient for customers, but also for your own convenience.
3. The qualification of the beautician is up to standard. The first element of the store must be up to standard.
4. The beauty furniture is complete. The professional beauty bed is indispensable. The safety, reliability and full function of the beauty bed are the confidence of the customers.
5. The beauty salon environment should be clean, comfortable and bright. Although it is only a family-style beauty salon, it also needs to pay attention to the customer\'s experience.

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Have you ever wanted to buy beauty furniture in China?
Do you have the idea of buying a beauty bed because the freight is too expensive?
Did you give up the idea of buying a beauty bed because of customs clearance?
The freight is expensive, the customs clearance problem is cumbersome, the transportation transaction is too long, and all of your troubles are solved for you.
From 11.09, Dongpin Medical Beauty Co., Ltd. will establish an overseas warehouse in Texas, USA.
American customers can also enjoy the benefits of shipping in the United States! !

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DP-BM2523 portable beauty bed, suitable for home-style beauty salons for easy carrying and storage.

The DP-G903 luxury electric beauty bed is suitable for customers who are looking for a high quality experience.

Electric beauty bed

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