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Oct 29,2019

Rehabilitation beds are available for sale.

There is an 8-year-old girl in China who did 10 push-ups at school and eventually led to a lower body.

The girl was diagnosed by the doctor as a spinal cord injury without fracture and dislocation, a complete spinal cord injury of the chest, and a sensorimotor dysfunction of both lower extremities, which is commonly known as "paralysis". At the same time, because she can not discharge the urine for a long time, repeated urinary tract infections lead to long-term fever, and will cause some complications. At present, Xiao Qi\'s scoliosis is severe, resulting in deformation of the ribs and severe atrophy of both feet. These conditions can be alleviated by the installation of rehabilitation aids and enhanced rehabilitation training.

Please use the correct rehabilitation method:
1. Follow the doctor\'s correct instructions.
2. Lower extremity spasm is not only a problem of muscle weakness, but the imbalance of muscle contraction is also an important cause of motor dysfunction. Therefore, it cannot be mistaken that rehabilitation training is strength training. The purpose of the recovery period is to improve the symptoms of numbness and movement disorders of the lower extremities, to achieve optimal conditions, and to reduce the high recurrence rate of the primary disease.

Dongpin specializes in the production of rehabilitation medical supplies.
Wheelchair, crutches
2. Electric rehabilitation physiotherapy bed
3. Rehabilitation traction massage bed

Bless all friends who are in the lower body to return to health as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation beds

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