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The king of cost performance - DP-8294

Treatment Table
Oct 31,2019

Patients must be treated on a professional treatment/massage bed.
Professional matters must be carried out on a professional platform.

In a wide variety of physiotherapy and massage beds, can you tell which one is a truly competitive treatment bed? Secretly tell you that Dongpin\'s most cost-effective treatment bed is DP-8294.

Advantages of DP-8294
1. The electric massage and treatment bed is a design with an unlimited positioning combination that will give you maximum freedom and even perform outpatient beauty procedures.
2. It has 3 motors for controlling the height of the model, the backrest and the footrest.
3. Pu leather, very easy to clean and maintain.
4. Stylish handheld remote with long cable.
5. Even at the steepest angles, the bed will maintain its excellent weight distribution system.

Size: (length x width x height) 190 × 62 × (60-85) cm
Capacity 200KG
Backrest angle: 0° to 50°
Footrest angle: 0° to 65°
Upper and lower height: 60-85CM
Color: black / white / beige / custom

treatment table

treatment table

treatment table

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