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Classification of Dongpin Medical Bed

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Jan 06,2020
Classification of Dongpin Medical Bed
In order to let the main customers know more about Dongpin\'s products, Dongpin divided the existing products in detail during the new year of 2020.
There are many medical beds, and each bed is similar. Do you know how to distinguish?
In fact, Dongping\'s physiotherapy beds fall into three categories.
First, physiotherapy bed
Second, medical cosmetic bed
Third, medical examination bed

Use of physiotherapy beds: human surgery treatment beds, animal surgery physiotherapy treatment beds, rehabilitation treatment beds, body correction treatments, etc.
Use of medical beauty bed: dental bed, eyelash bed, micro plastic bed, hair transplant bed, etc.
Medical examination bed use: gynecological examination, maternal examination, other subjects examination bed, etc.

Dongpin physiotherapy bed model:
DP-D8273, D807, D808
DP-S8 series
DP-H5 series
Treatment Table2Treatment Table3
Dongpin Medical Aesthetic Bed Model:
DP-G9 series

Looking forward to other functional beds in Dongping:
Gynecological examination bed
Dialysis bed
Infusion bed
Ton pressure

How to distinguish the physiotherapy bed, how to use the physiotherapy bed, what functions does the physiotherapy bed have, if you have any questions, please leave a message to me, Dongpin Medical Cosmetology will answer them one by one.

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