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Where can I buy a foldable lightweight wheelchair?

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Jan 09,2020
Where can I buy a foldable lightweight wheelchair?

Our company, Dongping Medical Equipment, has the universal wheelchair you need.
Dongpin is a manufacturer of wheelchairs with a history of 18 years.
With Dongpin\'s wheelchair, seniors can easily travel and be comfortable on the go.
Features of Dongpin Manual Wheelchair:
1. High quality.
Load-bearing 100KG, metal pipe 2.0mm thick, corrosion-resistant.
All wheels of the wheelchair have passed the abrasion test. The wheelchair has passed a comprehensive stability test and a pendulum impact test.
2. Strong stability.
Four brake system, double brake. Maintenance of handbrake, elbow lever braking device, good braking performance and stable parking space.
The cross-shaped support frame uses a double-layered tire lining to make the body more stable.
The double-layer aluminum rim rear wheel is more stable. 20-inch rear wheels, two layers of aluminum rings, 36 high-strength steel wires.
3. Lightweight and portable. Simple storage. The weight of the wheelchair is only 16KG. The wheelchair\'s legs can be raised and the backrest can be folded.
4. Powerful comfort.
The seat is made of breathable fabric and made of Oxford high-strength 840 cloth, which is breathable and moisture-proof, soft and comfortable.
The wave armrest is ergonomic and non-slip operation, making travel safer.

About the details:
1.20-inch non-inflatable rear wheel can adapt to various road surfaces, thereby eliminating the problem of air leakage.
2.6 inch PVC million front wheels. High-strength engineering plastic fork can be flexibly rotated 360 °, making turning more convenient.
3.PU armrest, soothes hand pressure, easy to clean.
4. Safety belts, more peace of mind.
5. Intimate large-capacity storage bag, convenient for users to place items.

Agents who are looking for manufacturers of wheelchairs, crutches, and rollers walker will contact our customer service immediately.

We have a variety of medical device products for you to choose from. We also welcome major agents and distributors to visit our factory.

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