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Dongpin New Year Holiday Notice

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Jan 16,2020
Dear foreign friends, since the Chinese New Year is coming, in order for employees to spend a happy holiday and reunite with their families, the time for the holiday of the 2020 Spring Festival is as follows:
1. The company\'s holiday period is from January 18 to February 02, 2020. Holidays total 16 days. Work officially started on February 3.
2. During the holidays, all our channels receive orders normally. Official websites, official Facebook and Ali International will have customer service staff to answer your questions. There is an emergency during vacation, please dial the mobile phone number on the official website directly, we will have a professional to answer your questions.

Finally, I wish all friends a Happy New Year and a happy family. Thank you for your support and trust in Dongpin Medical Cosmetology Equipment.

Thank you.

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