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May 13,2019
The exciting April has passed. In the past month, our Dongpin medical treatment bed clerk and other companies have participated in a fierce PK competition. Looking back over the past month, our salesmen are eager to work hard for their own small goals every day. If you see our salesman keep sending you a new product catalogue in April, you will be constantly given an updated price and will keep telling you the exchange rate changes. That's because Dongpin's salesman is in the game, we don't dare to miss any information, we don't dare to reply to your information too late. Because we are striving to make orders, to win glory for the company, and to win glory for ourselves!
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April is full of tension, 2011.5.11 We are here at the music restaurant to share this hard-won joy.

We prepared special costumes, prepared trophies, prepared wines, and prepared food. I hope that you will support us in the next days! Let us develop faster and better. Letting us grow faster means that your career is also developing very well! ! Foreign friends, let us create a better future without dividing the borders!

Best wishes!

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