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What brand of gynecological examination bed is good?

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Sep 26,2019

What brand of gynecological examination bed is good? 16 years of foreign trade experience Dongpin recommended you to use - China made gynecological examination chair.

DongPin, a multi-functional smart product, is safe and comfortable, and easy to operate.
DongPin Gynecological Examination Chair is a product that combines gynecological examination and delivery surgery. It greatly reduces the space occupied by ordinary equipment and can improve the efficiency of doctors.

(DongPin) gynecological examination chair is powerful
1. Stylish design, for clinical needs, it can quickly become a test bed.
2. The operation is very simple, convenient and improves work efficiency.

3. The unique support part design ensures that the pelvic internal examination does not need to be adjusted again, ensuring the comfort and convenience of the doctor.

User-friendly design:
1. In order to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients, the product adopts an acute angle-free design.
2. Check the wireless control of the chair, the patient and the doctor do not have to worry about the tripping of the wire.
3. Equipped with retractable casters for easy daily movement and easy maintenance of the inspection chair.
4. Antibacterial leather fabric, seamless design, cushion detachable design, easy to clean and disinfect.

Finally, what is the gynecological examination bed? DongPin gynecological examination chair, a multi-functional safe and effective product that can become a gynecological examination bed, is recruiting partners all over the world, looking forward to cooperating with you!
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