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Features of Medical Gynecology Examination Chair

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Sep 26,2019
Essential features of a Medical Gynecology Examination Chair :
1. The design is simple but not aesthetic. The operation is very simple and convenient. Improve work efficiency
2. The foot support part is designed to be ergonomic, ensuring that there is no need to adjust the pelvic internal examination to ensure the convenience and comfort of the doctor.
3. Retractable casters for easy daily movement, and the daily maintenance of the inspection chair can be easily realized.
4. Antibacterial leather fabric, seamless design, cushion detachable design, easy to clean and disinfect.
5. Automatically open the foot type inspection chair to prevent the patient from adjusting the body, and the doctor can operate it by himself to avoid the psychological burden of the patient.
6. The ascending and tilting of the gynecological examination chair is controlled by electric power.
7. Safe and comfortable

Finally, what is the gynecological examination bed? DongPin gynecological examination chair, a multi-functional safe and effective product that can become a gynecological examination bed, is recruiting partners all over the world, looking forward to cooperating with you!
Gynecology Examination Chair

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