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Physiotherapy bed main classification

Treatment Table
Sep 16,2019

Physiotherapy beds are mainly divided into 3 categories

Foldable physiotherapy bed.
The therapist can take the folding bed door to the patient\'s home for treatment.
Moreover, the workmanship is fine, and the load-bearing capacity is also 200KG. The chassis is double-reinforced, so the physiotherapist is not afraid of shaking. The experience of giving customers is not bad.
2. Light and strong
3. Lying down comfortably
4. Environmentally friendly leather, no rust
Foldable physiotherapy bed
Electric physiotherapy bed.
The electricized operation is suitable for the physiotherapist who operates alone, and can simply change the angle and posture of the body for the patient alone.
1. The backrest can be electrically adjusted to free hands.
2. Stable chassis and a solid bed.
3. Convenient control
4. When operating, there is no noise, providing a good experience for the patient.
Wide range of applications: one-bed multi-purpose, can be used for beauty, acupuncture and physiotherapy, massage therapy, tattoos, etc.

Electric physiotherapy bed

Hydraulic treatment bed
The hydraulic physiotherapy bed is of high quality and cost-effective, and is suitable for people who are just getting started with physiotherapy massage. You can have five-star equipment with the lowest budget.
1. High quality environmental protection PVC leather
2. Soft flame retardant sponge
3. Stainless steel has anti-aging properties.

4. Durable and cost-effective.

Hydraulic treatment bed

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