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Advantages of collapsible massage bed

Treatment Table
Sep 16,2019
What are the advantages of a portable collapsible massage bed, why is it so popular for therapists?

1. Folding physiotherapy bed is convenient and quick, no need to install, and friends who are not good at hands-on are the most friendly.
2. Solid wood chassis, bottom reinforcement, bearing 200KG is no problem.
3. The face uses an S-shaped curve that is ergonomically designed.
4. The standard thickness of the sponge is 5CM, and the user\'s experience is higher. Some merchants only use 4CM!
5. The headrest is ergonomically designed. Even if the face is long, the eyes will not feel uncomfortable and oppress the eyes. There will be no trace on the face after the sputum.
6. The feet of the bed also use non-slip feet, the bed will not move freely, very stable.
7. The armrest hole is smaller than the general one, and the purpose is to enhance the supporting force, so that the stabilizing performance is good.
8. The height can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Folding physiotherapy bed for:
1. A beauty salon with high space utilization.
2. Foot bath shop
3. Physical therapy clinic
4. Home-based door-to-door service

Dongpin\'s folding physiotherapy bed is not a casual massage bed. We are all masterpieces carefully and carefully. The physiotherapy bed is stable, comfortable and durable. Head massage, back massage, waist care, arm massage, and foot massage can all be done on this bed.
Good folding physiotherapy bed, Dongpin has!
Folding physiotherapy bed

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