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Ten levels of pain

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Sep 17,2019
Ten levels of pain in cervical spondylosis

Level 1: The neck is sore and stiff (it is recommended to look up at the ceiling and feel the back of the neck)
Level 2: neck, shoulders, back pain, stiffness, dull complexion.
Level 3: tiredness, poor resistance, allergies, easy to leave pigmentation, long spots.
Level 4: Untenable, painful, numb. (It’s basically going to the hospital from this level)
Level 5: Facial dullness, uneven skin tone, and sagging skin do not match the actual age.
Level 6: Frequent sleeping pillows (stiffs are a mild cervical spondylosis)
Level 7: Walking and drifting, running, writing is not stable. (Starting surgery at this level)
Level 8: Walking like stepping on cotton, one foot deep and one foot shallow.
Level 9: Urinating, stool, sexual function appear unspeakable. (It’s not good to start surgery from this level)
Level 10: Can\'t get out of bed (the risk of surgery may be great from this level)

Rehabilitation of cervical spondylosis can improve the blood circulation of the patient\'s neck and loosen the soft tissue of adhesions and tendons. Many movements in cervical spondylosis rehabilitation have unique curative effect on cervical spondylosis; those without cervical spondylosis can play a preventive role.
The next section of cervical spondylosis rehabilitation exercises is explained in detail.
The treatment of cervical spondylosis is based on conservative therapy. The commonly used methods include traction, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and medication. Among them, traction therapy is a more effective and effective method, and it is effective for most patients with cervical spondylosis.

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