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Don't rely on the physiotherapy bed, just swim!

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Sep 17,2019
Cervical spondylosis is terrible?
The neck is often painful, and even if lying down, it can\'t relieve the pain of the neck, and it can\'t work and sleep.
I often go to the physiotherapist and often accompany the physiotherapy treatment bed. After leaving the physiotherapy treatment bed, the heart that is moving is nowhere to be placed. Traction therapy is only a treatment in the early stage of rehabilitation. If you want the cervical spine to be really good, you don\'t need more exercise.
If you have found that the signs of cervical spondylosis have emerged, then you must listen to me and fall in love with this exercise, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.

Swimming can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.
Because people do not have any burden in the water, they will not cause any damage to the cervical spine and will not cause joint and muscle damage.
It can be seen that frequent swimming can not only effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, but also benefit the whole body exercise system.

Swimming has been listed by many doctors as adjunctive therapy for cervical and lumbar spondylosis. In the early stage of recovery or recovery of cervical spondylosis, in addition to developing a good neck habit, long-term adherence to swimming is one of the most effective ways to improve cervical discomfort and restore cervical health.

The premise of swimming to prevent and cure spinal diseases is:
Find a professional swimming instructor, swim under the guidance of the coach, and don\'t let your body get overworked.

If you feel any discomfort, find your cervical vertebraist in time.

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