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Cycling is another treatment

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Sep 17,2019
Cycling is a good leisure sport. When you ride, you feel free, feel good and get close to nature.

Cervical spondylosis afflicts modern people, how to treat cervical vertebrae by riding sports? I interviewed a senior patient with cervical spondylosis and shared some experiences.
1. If you are sick, you must first see a doctor. The doctor will give you a detailed assessment and then give you a series of rehabilitation treatments.
2. Traction assist, be careful, the traction table can not be operated by anyone, remember to find a professional person.
3. Massage treatment, try not to do, cervical spine injury, not just lying on the Medical physiotherapy table can be cured. Find a professional doctor.
4. After a series of rehabilitation treatments are done, combined with the doctor\'s advice, go cycling outdoors and do auxiliary treatment according to your own situation.

Riding an outdoor bicycle is also learned, and preparations can\'t be sloppy.
1. Preferred mountain bike, durable, flexible, travel, travel, commute are suitable.
2. The helmet is a seat belt for bicycles. It is recommended that people who travel and ride fast bring helmets. The sunglasses filter the UV rays and protect the eyes. Magic scarves or scarves protect the cervical spine.
3. Posture: The seat must be high, to reach the maximum allowable height of the individual, and the leg should be straightened to the lowest point. The handlebars should be low. When riding, keep the upper body and the ground as small as possible. When looking at the front, you must look up. It is helpful to raise the head for cervical vertebrae treatment. The arms support the shoulder and neck muscles.

4. Don\'t ride for a long time. The frequency of braking should not be too fast or too hard. This will help protect your knees. People with bad knees must use the humerus belt, which can effectively protect your knees.

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