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What are the DP gynecological chairs?

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Sep 17,2019
Dongpin Medical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of physiotherapy beds and women\'s beds.
Now, let\'s take a look at the chairs that are suitable for women\'s gynecological examinations.

The key elements of a good gynecological chair:
1. The ability to bear weight is strong, because the proportion of pregnant women in gynecological examinations will be relatively large. Therefore, a load capacity of 200KG is essential.
2. Multi-angle adjustment, because it is inconvenient for the examiner to adjust the movement, all need doctor-assisted. Therefore, it must have the function of convenient adjustment and multi-angle adjustment.
3. The automatic lifting of the seat, the support of the footrest and the hand rest, etc., the doctor can easily adjust the gynecological chair without putting down the tools in his hand.
4. The backrest of the gynecological chair can be adjusted, and it can be raised and lowered.
5. The underframe of the gynecological chair is firm and there will be no serious shaking when adjusting.

Dongpin\'s gynecological chairs have these elements, and we also have our unique details:
1. The material of the chair body is thick stainless steel
2. Smooth solder joints
3. Thick cotton pad, soft and comfortable.
4. PVC leather is anti-corrosive, waterproof, wipes with alcohol and will not peel off, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde free.
5. There is a medical special wheel at the bottom with brakes. Safe, mobile without noise.
6. The curved support stand will not feel uncomfortable when the feet are placed.

7. Waste treatment hole design for easy disposal of waste. Easy to use.

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