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Orthopedic robot enters the treatment operating table

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Sep 19,2019
Orthopedic robot enters the treatment operating table

On September 4th, the official website of Stryker announced that it announced the acquisition of sister companies Mobius Imaging and Cardan Robotics for US$370 million in upfront cash and US$130 million in late spending, totaling US$500 million (approximately RMB3.5 billion).

With this acquisition, Stryker will receive Mobius\'s Airo CT scanning device, a mobile diagnostic imaging system. The FDA first licensed the early version of the system in 2013, adding pediatric indications to the product last year. Founded in 2015, Cardan Robotics is currently developing robotics and navigation systems for surgical and interventional radiology programs.

Take stock of the acquisition and development of Stryker:
1. As early as 2013, Stryker acquired the Israeli surgical robot company MAKO Surgical for US$1.7 billion (about RMB 12 billion).
2. The third generation MAKO System was launched in 2015. The upgraded version of the MAKO System integrates the implants and MAKO platform provided by Stryker.
3. In 2016, Stryker introduced the first-generation total knee replacement platform MAKO TKA with its own total knee replacement system Triathlon Total Knee System and MAKO System.
In November 2002, the acquisition of K2M, a minimally invasive spine listed company, consolidated its position in the spine treatment market.

What are the benefits of orthopedic surgery robots entering the operating table for the medical community:
1. In order to consolidate the existing business of the medical device giant, bring growth highlights and stimulate business without growth.
2. The growth momentum of the entire surgical robot field itself cannot be ignored.
What do you think about the orthopedic surgery robot entering the operating table?
1. Supporting attitudes, supporting scientific and technological innovation, medical innovation, and technological innovation.
2. Unsupported attitude, worry that the robot is not a human after all, and can not judge the condition well.

You are welcome to leave your thoughts, let\'s discuss together.

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