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Physical therapy is an old and young discipline

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Apr 01,2019

Dongpin is selling physiotherapy massage beds!
But, do you know what physiotherapy does?
Can you clearly distinguish it between the physiotherapy massage bed and the physiotherapy?
Is it necessary to have physical therapy on the physiotherapy massage bed?
With questions, let's take a look at the real treatment!

physiotherapy massage beds

What is physiotherapy?
Physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation therapy. It uses artificial or natural physical factors to exert a favorable response to prevent and treat diseases.
Physical therapy is an old and young discipline. In the Stone Age of 7000 BC, primitive people used sunlight, meteorites, stone needles, water and massage to treat disease and stay healthy. Early literature in China and ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome recorded the effects of sunlight, hot water baths, cold baths, gymnastics, massages, etc. In the 2-1st century BC (Western Han Dynasty), the Yellow Emperor's internal classics (acupuncture) detailed attack (acupuncture), angle (cupping), drug ironing (warm), guidance (breathing gymnastics), press (massage), Soak in sweat and other physical treatments such as spa. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, famous doctors used acupuncture, meteorites, ironing, massage and other diseases. China is the first country in the world to treat diseases with mineral water and magnetic fields.

physiotherapy massage beds

Another name for physical therapy is physical therapy.

The main purpose of physical therapy is rehabilitation.

Physical therapy classification
(1) Artificial physical factor therapy

(2) Treatment of natural factors

Dongpin's physiotherapy massage bed is like physical therapy. The company is strong in strength, innovative and young, and always brings the best service experience to the general public.

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