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Characteristics of acupuncture

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Mar 26,2019

Characteristics of acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy is characterized by not relying on medication. It is only pierced with a needle in a part of the patient\'s body, reaches the hedgehog nerve and causes a local reaction, or stimulates the part with warmth to achieve therapeutic purposes. The former is called acupuncture and the latter is called moxibustion, which is collectively called acupuncture.

In clinical practice, acupuncture therapy diagnoses the cause according to the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, finds the key to the cause, and distinguishes the nature of the disease. Then perform the corresponding acupoint prescription for treatment. In order to pass the veins, regulate the blood and blood, so that the yin and yang are relatively balanced, so that the function of the internal organs tends to be coordinated, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.Acupuncture is a comprehensive treatment method for patients.

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Acupuncture has many advantages:

First, there are a wide range of indications that can be used to treat and prevent various diseases such as internal, external, maternal, child and facial features;

Second, the effects of treating diseases are relatively rapid and significant, especially with good excitatory body functions, improved disease resistance, sedation and analgesia;

Third, the operation method is simple and easy;

Fourth, the medical expenses economy;

Fifth, there are no side effects or fewer side effects, it is basically safe and reliable, and can be combined with other therapies for comprehensive treatment.
This is why it has always been popular with the people.

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