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DongPin Intensive care bed

Treatment Table
Sep 16,2021

DongPin Intensive care bed

Application: medical, intensive care

Drive type: electric
Function: height adjustable, Trendelenburg position, reverse Trendelenburg position
Other characteristics: with pulley, with transparent board
Option: with wheel locking system, washable
Number of folding partitions: 4 partitions

Technical Parameter
Dimensions: L2220*W1075mm (±10mm)

Bed surface: L1960*W900mm (±10mm)

Bed height: H440-760mm (±10mm)

Stretching of the bed: 200mm (±10mm)

Standard Configuration
1. Guardrail: Full PP guardrail provides safety protection to prevent patients from falling.
2. Removable bed surface: easy to move and disinfect.
3. Bed head and foot lock: The head and foot lock can prevent the head and foot from being accidentally pulled out during the turning or movement of the bed.
4. Protective anti-collision wheel
5. Traction frame and infusion rod hole
6. Mat blocking device
7. Angle indicator: The angle indicator shows the inclination angle of the backrest of the hospital bed and the entire bed surface.
8. Hospital bed extension: The length of the bed surface can be extended according to the patient\'s height.
9.4 casters with a diameter of 125mm, central brake system


10. Manual CPR: Manual CPR can make the backrest return in an emergency to ensure patient safety when the power is insufficient, and is equipped with a damping device to prevent the backrest from falling down instantly, and can be operated with one hand.




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