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Multi-function traction bed considerations

Treatment Table
Aug 10,2019

1 Non-operator operation is prohibited.

2 The traction bed surface should not be exposed to the sun. Do not expose it to steam, moisture and


corrosion to avoid loss of electronic systems.

3 Before traction, the contraindications must be eliminated and the traction should be operated according to the principle of being large to small.Spinal suppurative inflammation, spinal tuberculosis and spinal tumor patients should not use lumbar traction.

4 Patients with severe heart, lung, liver, kidney and brain diseases should not use lumbar traction.

5 prohibit pregnant women, severe heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure.

traction bed

6. Do not perform this operation on

traction bed

an empty stomach.

The waist should be at least

7. When the patient is pulling for the first time, the traction should not be too large, it is recommended to grow from small to large. 30 minutes after a meal, food should not be too full, so as not to cause stomach upset.

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