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Dongpin's American Study Tour

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Micro-shaping treatment bedIn July 2019, Dongpin Medical Beauty Co., Ltd. sent a group of salesmen and R&D personnel to visit our company's customers in the United States. After half a month of visits, we visited 8 customers and participated in some exhibitions, including the beauty industry, tattoo industry and medical industry. This exchange study has given us a lot of useful inspiration, and we are more determined and confident in the future development of the company.
Our main purpose of this trip is to improve our research and development capabilities, and to obtain information on many improved products from our customers. In this issue, we will give you a list of visits.

Houston, USA Visited the American medical integrity expert, Dr. Steven.
The international-level plastic tutor with more than 30 years of medical experience is highly recognized for the Dongpin Micro-shaping treatment bed.

Steven leads the world in stem cell technology. He can be younger than ten years old in just one week. He is often invited to the world to give lectures to top medical cards in various countries. In his seventies, he seems to be only about 50 years old, with flexible thinking and movements, like a guy in his 30s.

Micro-shaping treatment bedMicro-shaping treatment bed

Steven is humorous in the conversation and talks to us about how to stay young. It is PK with young people. He has 6 medical certificates in the past 2 years and participated in various competitive competitions for young people. He said that I only work in the field of stem cells, so I know very well that as long as the body's stem cells are kept alive and they are not allowed to idle, they will continue to be young. For the rest of my life, I only do what I like, and I will do it for the rest of my life.
He has repeatedly told us young people in Chinese companies to do a good job, to make the quality of products and to make world brands.
If you insist on doing a good job, you will definitely get the respect you deserve.
I firmly believe that Guangdong Dongpin has always been committed to the cost-effective products of

 beauty medical equipment, and has been on the road to struggle.

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