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What is maintaining a safe social distance?

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May 14,2020
What is maintaining a safe social distance?

In fact, good communication between people needs to maintain an appropriate distance. Only in this way can they maximize the beauty of each other. This is the hedgehog rule of interpersonal communication.

During the epidemic of COVID-19, you should maintain a longer specific social distance, protect you, protect me and protect the earth.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread all over the world and is the healthiest medical system, and the most advanced countries have not been spared. Governments and experts at all levels urge that the key to reducing the possibility and speed of virus infection is to maintain the social distance between people.

Does keeping distance from others mean that you can only stay at home all day without seeing friends and family? Can I go hiking or cycling? How long should friends who like social activities and outdoor activities stay away from the crowd? How important is it to maintain social distance?

Experts explain in this way.
How to maintain social distance
Social distance includes: reduce contact with people; try not to get too close when contacting people, and keep the interpersonal distance within 2 arms. Experts also recommend that you minimize contact with the outside world for more than 10 minutes when going out.

Maintaining social distance is not self-isolation

Anti-epidemic experts say that maintaining social distance is a civic responsibility that everyone considers for others. In terms of social distance standards, there are too many proverbs to go to extremes. Healthy people do not have to panic, normal life, normal social and relaxed attitude will be more friendly to you.

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The person requesting self-quarantine must be one of the following four conditions, including cold or flu symptoms; someone diagnosed with a new coronavirus; recently returned from overseas; and contacted with a confirmed case. Older people with chronic diseases and high-risk groups may have stricter self-isolation measures.

Can go out
Anti-epidemic experts advise the public to stay at home as much as possible when shopping or when they must go out. But don\'t be too persistent and over-explain its meaning. Everyone stays at home as much as possible, which means not going out to contact the crowd, just going out to do things.

People can still walk, walk dogs in the park or buy food in the supermarket. Only when going out, try to avoid crowd gathering and keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters from other people. Going out is to maintain social distance. If you do n’t want to have a meeting or lunch in the office, try going out.

Why are there differences in social distance standards across regions?
The standard definition of social distance in various places is determined by the government rather than the individual.
Strangely, some provincial governments have not closed schools, while others have ordered all restaurants to close.

The provincial government also makes reference to the successful experience of other countries and makes reasonable and effective suggestions. At the same time, they must also consider the economic impact of extremely strict measures, which will certainly affect certain industries. In fact, going out as little as possible is a very effective measure to improve the prevalence. Everyone has been patiently waiting recently.

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