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Jul 13,2020

Electric beauty bed Door-To-Door Shopping

People in Texas, United States, please note that Dongpin Medical Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. gives benefits!

In order to make it easy for you to buy Dongpin medical and cosmetic products, we have built a new warehouse in Texas,
Local people can finally buy from door to door, and they can also enjoy free home delivery service within a specified range.

Many friends have already enjoyed this door-to-door shopping discount. If you have time to follow our official Facebook, there are many people interacting with the messages in the post. And you can know how much inventory there is without asking customer service.

Texas Spot Details:

electric beauty bedelectric beauty bed

portable massage bed

portable massage table

Electric beauty bed

Portable massage bed

Mobile beauty trolley

Beauty stool chair

There is a long-term spot in Texas, USA. If you have other desired products, please contact customer service as soon as possible, we will make the corresponding adjustment arrangements.

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