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The fattest person in the world loses weight

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Dec 03,2019
Relying on medical equipment, the fattest person in the world loses 660 pounds

Who is the fattest person in the world?medical equipment

The 35-year-old Mexican Juan was named the world\'s fattest man by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017,

reaching 1302 pounds at his heaviest weight. Because he was too fat, he couldn\'t live normally like an ordinary person.

He could only lie in bed every day and couldn\'t leave the room alone.

Because he was overweight, Juan was at risk of death at any time, and his parents could not take care of him for life,

so he called up the courage to ask a doctor.

He lost weight through a combination of surgery and special treatments and dieting.

Now he weighs only 520 pounds and can walk normally with the help of a cane.

After losing weight, Juan was very happy. He said, "Every day I can raise my arms, get up, drink water, go to the toilet,

and feel good about myself. I can do more activities in the future, and it will be better to take care of myself."

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