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How to properly maintain a wheelchair

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Dec 06,2019

Wheelchair maintenance:

1. First, you must fully understand how the wheelchair is used and the function of each button. Especially when encountering unexpected events, how to start and how to quickly stop play a key role.

2. Keep the body clean and place it in a dry and ventilated place to prevent parts from rusting.

3. Before using the wheelchair, check if the bolts are loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time. In normal use, check every three months to ensure that all parts are in good condition. Check all strong nuts on the wheelchair (especially the retaining nuts on the rear axle). If looseness is found, adjust and tighten in time.

4. Please check the tire condition regularly, repair the rotating parts in time, and add a small amount of lubricant regularly.

5. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid muddy water or get wet in the rain when going out. Pay attention to clean and wipe the soil in time and apply anti-rust wax. The rain is too sour. If the soil is not cleaned in time and the wheelchair is prone to rust, it will at least visually affect its aesthetics.

6, tires maintain sufficient air pressure, can not be in contact with oil, acid substances to prevent deterioration.

7. The connection bolts of the wheelchair seat frame are loosely connected, and tightening is strictly prohibited.

8. For electric wheelchairs, it is necessary to form the habit of charging immediately after use, that is, to keep the battery fully charged. It is forbidden to store electricity at a loss; if the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, it will seriously affect the service life, and the longer it is idle, the more severe the battery damage. Idle electric wheelchairs should develop the habit of regular charging. Keep the battery in the "full state" for a long time. And avoid rain! Handle it gently, and so on.

9. Always check the flexibility of moving and rotating structures and apply lubricant. If the axle needs to be removed for some reason, be sure to tighten the nut during reinstallation to prevent the nut from becoming loose.

10. The connection bolt connection of the wheelchair seat frame is loose, and tightening is strictly prohibited.

A wheelchair is the second leg of an elderly person with a disability or mobility impairment in the lower body. However, many people actually buy a wheelchair to go home, and as long as the wheelchair is not damaged, they usually do not inspect and maintain it. Rest assured, this is actually the wrong approach. Although the manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the wheelchair, it cannot guarantee that it will be good after a period of use, so in order to ensure the best condition of the wheelchair, the wheelchair needs regular maintenance.


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