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Classification of wheelchairs

Treatment Table
Dec 10,2019
Wheelchairs are chairs equipped with wheels to help walk, and are divided into electric and manual folding wheelchairs.
An important mobile tool for the wounded, sick, home rehabilitation of the disabled, turnaround transportation, medical consultations, outings,
The wheelchair not only meets the mobility needs of the physically disabled and people with reduced mobility, but also more importantly facilitates family members to move and take care of the sick, and enables the sick to use the wheelchair for physical exercise and social activities.

Ordinary wheelchairs are generally composed of foldable frames, front and rear wheels, left and right knee pads and foot pedals, left and right removable armrests, handle brakes, seats, backrests with medical image data bags, bedpans, urine bag hooks, and electric standing.

1. Hand-cranked wheelchair Add hand-cranked device on the basis of ordinary wheelchair.
2. The electric wheelchair is based on an ordinary wheelchair, and an electronic power assistance system is added to reduce the physical energy consumption of the user.
3. On the basis of electric wheelchairs, smart wheelchairs have added positioning movement, standing movement, remote control movement and related Internet + assisted living.
4. Sports wheelchair. A special wheelchair designed for the competition. Lightweight and runs faster in outdoor applications. In order to reduce weight, in addition to using high-strength lightweight materials (such as aluminum alloy), some sports wheelchairs can not only remove the armrest and footrest, but also the handle part of the backrest.
5. Reclining wheelchair. A lightweight travel option for the elderly. It is suitable for paralyzed, long-term bedridden, recovering people or people with mobility problems. You can go out easily and reduce the burden of care.

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