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Israeli customer visits wheelchair workshop

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Dec 19,2019
2019.12.18 Israeli medical device agents come to our company to visit the wheelchair workshop.
Our company-Dongping Medical Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in producing medical furniture, medical beds, hospital beds, folding wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, bath chairs and so on. For people with disabilities or people with reduced mobility.

First of all, guests from Israel saw the quality of our spot products.
1. The tube used in the wheelchair is made of real materials, its thickness conforms to international standards, and the frame is stable.
2. There is absolutely no problem for users carrying 150KG.
3. The product has good weldability and high symmetry.
4. Each part of the product is very finely worked, the lock wheel is very stable, ensuring the safety of the user, and it will not shake when sitting!
5. The strength is strictly tested, and the probability of fracture is low.
6. Anti-rust treatment is good, under normal circumstances will not rust.
7. Pass international medical certification, choose only confidence.

Workshop situation:
1. Neat production workshop
2. Raw material storage specifications
3. Workers should wear neat work clothes and have complete safety equipment to work
4.Strong fire safety awareness

After visiting the factory in person, the customers are confident in Dongpin\'s business strength.

We also hope to welcome customers who have questions about our factory to check the strength of Dongping factory.


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