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Get rid of sugar, stay away from the dentist bed

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Oct 08,2019
Too much sugar intake, I am afraid it can only be accompanied by a dentist bed.

Candy is an irresistible food for adults and children.
Cola, ice cream, chocolate and candy are the most common foods with the highest sugar content.
Eating sweets usually provides a very good breeding space for bacteria in the mouth.
When these bacteria come into contact with sugar, they increase the acidity of the teeth, teeth and mouth.
When teeth are exposed to acidic substances, they can cause dental caries and oral diseases such as tooth decay and insect teeth.

Take care of your teeth every day so you don\'t have to go to the dentist\'s bed in the future.
Don\'t be lucky, you should carefully observe the state of your teeth:
1. Use fluoride toothpaste and dental care every day to repair early caries (white spot).
2. When the broken teeth are not included, a simple filling is enough to solve the problem.
3. If the disease progresses to pulpitis or even periapical periodontitis, full crown protection must be performed after root canal treatment to achieve the purpose of protecting functional teeth.
4. Root canal treatment requires follow-up 2-3 times, one week apart. Compared with simple fillings, the time, energy and financial resources of patients have increased a lot.
On weekdays, you can clean the tiny details of your teeth and avoid going to the dentist and accompanying the dentist\'s bed.
Here, we also recommend dental beds for dental clinics.

The DP-G903 electric dentist bed features 4 motor controls that automatically adjust the dentist\'s bed without leaving the table. Patients and doctors will also benefit from it. For more details, click on the keyword in the article title.


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