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DongPin 24 Cosmoprof is coming soon

Treatment Table
Nov 11,2019

Dongpin will meet you with a new product - medical beauty bed.
China Guangdong Dongpin specializes in the production of medical beauty products, tattoo products,

personal care products and business office furniture. Our products are world-renowned, quality guaranteed,

and worry-free after sales. It is definitely your first choice.

DongPin booth NO. 3E-K6D

For those who need an invitation, please leave a message to the customer service.

medical beauty bed

On 12 and 14 November the exhibition will be held in the AsiaWorld-Expo and on 13 and 15 November

2019 Hong Kong Exhibition Center.

The twenty-fourth Cosmoprof takes place on 3 days from Tue., 12.11.2019 to Thur., 14.11.2019 in Hong Kong.

Last beauty trade event in the year!

Don\'t miss out – only 1 days left until Cosmoprof Asia!

medical beauty bed

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