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Dongpin Medical Health teaches you how to use masks

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Mar 03,2020
Dongpin medical health equipment provides you with small health knowledge.

Take some precautions when wearing a mask or respirator. These are the main ones:

1. Remove the mask from the package and apply it to your face with a cable tie only.
2. Make sure you are wearing it with the right side and the strap close to your nose. Generally, the information printed by the manufacturer on the mask should be displayed on the outside. If there is no specific instruction, apply the softest side to your face.
3. Tie the upper tie to the top of the head and the lower tie to the neck. The mask must be properly extended.
4. The mask should cover the nose, mouth and chin. For respirators, you can check the suitability of the mask by closing the filter surface with your hand and inhaling slowly. If the mask tends to press on the face, it should be placed correctly, otherwise it will be placed incorrectly and leak.
5. After the mask is in place, it must not be touched or repositioned (except when removed).
6. If the mask is disposable, it should be handled in an appropriate manner as soon as the mask is removed.
7. Masks should be changed regularly: Surgical masks should be changed at least every three hours (or at least once if splashes contaminate the mask), and respirators should be changed at least three to eight hours.

8. You should wash your hands before and after each mask change.


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