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Personal hygiene tips

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Feb 21,2020
Personal hygiene tips

Pay attention to personal hygiene and stay away from viruses.
Today, global emphasis is placed on personal hygiene and increasing health protection knowledge.
Yes, life is precious, and we must not be sloppy in front of life. At all times, we should develop good hygiene habits. In this way, we can obtain health and freedom of life.

Personal hygiene care points:
First, daily prevention
1. Avoid going to places where the disease is endemic.
2. Reduce to crowded public places, especially places with poor air circulation, such as: public baths, hot springs, cinemas, Internet cafes, KTV, entertainment venues, stations, airports, terminals, exhibition halls, etc.
3. Do not contact, buy and eat wild animals, and avoid selling live animals. Food must be thoroughly cooked before consumption.
4. Keep the room clean, open windows often, and ventilate often.
5. Always keep your hands clean. Reduce contact with public goods and parts in public places; return from public places, cover your hands with cough before or after meals, wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soapy running water, or use alcohol-free hand sanitizer; not sure if your hands are clean and avoid them Touch nose, mouth and eyes; cover your mouth and nose with elbow clothing when sneezing or coughing.physiotherapy massage bed
6. Wear a mask when going out.
7. Maintain good hygiene habits. Family members do not share towels, keep houses and utensils clean, and often do laundry. Don\'t spit, wrap your nose and nose secretions with paper towels, and put them in a covered trash can. Pay attention to nutrition and exercise.
8. Actively do good health monitoring of individuals and family members.
9. Prepare universal supplies.

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