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Congratulations to 2021 New Year-dongpin Medical

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Feb 04,2021

Chinese New Year is here!
New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday, so all employees of the company have a 14-day holiday.
On the occasion of this new year, on behalf of all DongPin employees, I wish you all:
The Year of the Ox is healthy, happy and wealthy!
World Peace!
No disease entanglement!
Doom disappeared.

If you have any questions about our products during our holiday, please leave a message in the message box. Email to beauty@dong-pin.com. Or call +86-13630114410

Dongpin Medical\'s 2021 new hospital bed will be released after the vacation, so stay tuned.

Multifunctional physiotherapy bed, multifunctional dialysis chair, electric gynecological examination bed, electric hospital nursing bed.

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