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Looking forward to a better DongPin in 2021

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Mar 05,2021
Hello everyone, I am finally back.
I took a closer look at the news blog I wrote before, and the number of views soared a lot.
Thank you for your continued support.

After a long absence and reunion, here, I will first repeat DongPin\'s business.
Let everyone know that DP is a Chinese company that produces and sells.
DongPin is a production company located in Guangdong Province, China, but it is different from other traditional companies.
The company\'s strongest and largest departments are the market research department and the innovation research and development department.
The market research department will conduct in-depth research to develop better and more suitable physiotherapy massage products based on market demand.
The role of the Innovation R&D Department is to turn what we imagined into the final product.

Recently, we are developing an electric physiotherapy massage chair with music therapy.
If you are interested, please remember to visit our official website.

The main products of Dongpin:
Physiotherapy massage chair|Electric physiotherapy massage bed|Hydraulic physiotherapy bed|Three-section electric physiotherapy bed|
Hospital Bed|Electric Adjustable Bed|Multifunctional Nursing Bed|Luxury Home Nursing Bed|
Walker|Portable Folding Walker|Crutch|Folding Crutch|
Wheelchair|Multifunctional wheelchair|Folding wheelchair|Electric wheelchair|

Doctor Seat|Work Chair Backrest Saddle Chair|Elevating Work Chair|

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