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Dongpin Beauty Massage Bed Thank You

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Nov 22,2018

Beauty Massage BedToday is the annual Thanksgiving Day.

The fourth Thursday of November is named Thanksgiving Day ". Thanksgiving holidays usually last from Thursday to Sunday. Thanksgiving Day is an ancient holiday created by the American people, and it is also a holiday for Americans to gather together.

Here, Dongpin Beauty Massage Bed is grateful to accompany all the staff of Dongpin, and the hard work of employees can make a company. Thanks to my parents for their kindness, thank you for your help in the difficult situation, thank you for the motivation you have given me, thank you for having you.

What's the custom of Thanksgiving?

Americans: Every household eats turkey.

Egyptians: Celebrating the Valley of the Valley while "Crying".

Jews: Building a banquet to hold a banquet under the stars.

Greek: cake fruit dedicated to the goddess of agriculture.

Dear, what traditional activities do you have on Thanksgiving Day? Welcome to share the message.

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