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Dongpin internal learning exchange meeting

Treatment Table
Aug 26,2019

In November, Dongpin Medical Beauty Co., Ltd. participated in the Asia Beauty Expo in Hong Kong. In order to provide better service to customers, we have started various trainings from now on. Some time ago, customers have told us that the frequency of use of some products in actual use is not high. In response to this suggestion, we will discuss and research our treatment traction beds, medical equipment and other products together. We collected the feedback from customers and repeated experiments, discussions and transformations according to the actual situation. In this customer feedback seminar, the salesman knows the product better and knows the customer's usage habits and hobbies. Do you believe it? You can check out the salesman of Dongpin, and welcome you at the Hong Kong Asian Medical Beauty Exhibition in November. In the near future, we have remodeled some new products and displayed them at our Hong Kong exhibition. Here, we will keep a little mystery and look forward to your coming.

If you have used our products, you can also leave a message to us.

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treatment traction bed

treatment traction bed treatment traction bed

Please pay close attention to the dynamics of our company. We have discounts in September and we will be exhibiting in Hong Kong in November. The promotional activities of the Treatment Traction Bed products are launched from time to time, and the one-for-one event is also very pleasant. Don't miss it.

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