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Gynecological Examination Chair Coming Soon

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Aug 29,2019

Hello everyone! I am a new product from Dongpin Medical Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. My name is DP-YF01.

I am a gynecological examination chair, now I will give you a detailed introduction, what are the characteristics of "I" (gyna chair).

gynecological examination chairgynecological examination chair

As a qualified bed, I have eight characteristics.

First, the leg must be open when inspected so that the doctor can easily check and operate. In order to adapt to the height and size of different patients, the footrest of the gynecological treatment chair has the adjustment function of direction and angle, and it is very convenient to operate.

Second, the woman's examination chair is a three-bed bed, and the tail part is a leg-divided structure. The main advantage is that it is easier for the doctor to check the position.

gynecological examination chairgynecological examination chair

Thirdly, a push-pull stainless steel square plate is hidden in the middle of the woman's examination chair. It is stretched through the guide rail and will not hinder the normal operation of the patient and the doctor when not in use.

Fourth, the overall lifting and seat tilting of the women's examination chair are regulated by electric control.

Fifth, the head can be placed with disposable towels and paper towels for the convenience of the doctor.

Sixth, there are two gas levers on the back, and manual adjustment can control the angle of the back.

Seventh, the handle can also be manually adjusted.

Eighth, the wheel is a 3-inch medical universal wheel with brakes.

The gynecological chair can adjust the angle for you from multiple angles. How do you feel comfortable?

Take a look at our 3D map design and look forward to the launch of the new product?

Don't be anxious, pay more attention to our dynamics.

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