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Sept. is best for purchasing physiotherapy treatment bed

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September is best for purchasing physiotherapy treatment beds

In September of each year, it is most suitable to purchase physiotherapy treatment massage bed supplies. The major festival of China e-commerce platform - Super September purchase festival officially began. The September Purchasing Festival officially kicked off at 9.4. It is understood that the procurement section as an important support for the "digital reconstruction of cross-border trade" strategy, gathered from the world's 69 characteristic industry belts, 21 first-level industries, tens of thousands of quality businesses and quality products for the business Provide accurate traffic matching, “emerging market investment plans” and financial payment and logistics services.

It is understood that in the September procurement festival, the platform has developed two major marketing scenarios: deep customization and fast trading. Among them, the deep customization scene of the physiotherapy treatment bed industry mainly provides targeted solutions for the efficient source search and accurate traffic introduction of buyers and sellers, and undertakes all kinds of customized business opportunities. The physiotherapy treatment bed fast trading scene is extended in the deep customization scene. It combines the buyer's needs and minds, meets the fast test, seizes the opportunity, flexibly explores the market, or hopes to find the most in the initial purchase in a simple and fast form. A trading scenario for a group of buyers of good partners.

In terms of logistics, the buyer has launched the “commitment”, which is based on the global general cargo line and sent to 23 countries around the world to guarantee delivery within 5 working days. According to Alibaba International Station, the global general cargo line is a priority fast-time express delivery solution specially established for international station merchants. At present, warehouses are set up in Shanghai, Yiwu, and Qingdao. For example, it takes only 2-5 business days for goods to be sent directly from Shanghai to the world. For example, if you purchase a physiotherapy treatment bed in Dongpin, the US customer can receive the goods within 2-5 days by special line delivery. See if this activity has a feeling of heart. If you are leaving us your contact information in the message, we will contact you.

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