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Powerful Sterilization Medical Mobile Tool Cart

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Jun 09,2021

Powerful disinfection and sterilization mobile mobile tool cart DP-6053T

Why do we want the tool cart with disinfection function so popular:

1. Powerful disinfection and sterilization, using top double ultraviolet lamps, effectively killing bacteria and viruses, such as common Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria, with a removal rate of up to 99.9%.

2. Quick disinfection and sterilization
This medical disinfection tool cart can be disinfected for a whole day in only 5 minutes. Ultraviolet rays can kill low temperature resistant
Avian influenza virus, heat-resistant mad cow prion, drug-resistant super bacteria, etc.

3. Airtight disinfection and sterilization
If exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, it is easy to burn eyes and skin. Therefore, our products adopt a closed one-key disinfection to avoid scalding and safer use.

4. Automatic shutdown function
In order to prevent burns caused by accidental opening of the UV disinfection tool cart during the working process, it is equipped with an automatic power-off function when opening the cover, which is very suitable for use in various scenarios, especially for family use, and it is also very safe and hygienic.

5. All-round disinfection and sterilization
The UV disinfection tool cart can not only disinfect metal tools, but also disinfect small objects such as masks, glasses, jewelry, cosmetics, keys, watches, wallets, toothbrushes, maternal and child supplies, and nursing tools. The surface of the object reduces the risk of contact transmission.
This product is suitable for all people, especially hospital departments, wards, beauty salons, factories, companies, and schools. A movable, stowed, and sterilizable multifunctional commercial furniture is well received by customers.

If you are interested in buying, please contact Dongpin customer service.


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