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UEFA EURO 2020-Enlightenment Of Erikson's Faint

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Jun 15,2021
Affected by the epidemic, the annual European Cup was suspended for one year in 2020 and finally restarted in 2021.
But this road to restart is not simple at all. A life-and-death rescue battle was staged on the court. This accident warned us to pay attention to the body and pay attention to sub-health issues.
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The real situation of the stadium:
In the 43rd minute of the European Cup between Finland and Denmark, Eriksson suddenly fell into a coma without any physical confrontation. Suddenly, the football referee and the players on both sides became nervous. Call immediately to stop the game, and immediately call medical personnel for rescue. According to officials, Eriksson’s condition is very serious and he is in shock. Fortunately, the medical staff were rescued in time. Approximately 15 minutes after the on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Eriksson temporarily got rid of his life threat and was sent to the hospital for further treatment. At the request of both players, the game continued.

Why did Eriksson faint? Several cardiologists interviewed by British media said:
"The more likely reason is that Erickson\'s heart has a congenital problem, which has not been discovered until now. It may also be inflammation of the heart caused by a certain viral infection." "It may be high temperature or other unknown reasons that caused Erickson\'s sudden inverted."

At this stage, I hope Eriksson can find out the real cause of the faint, and then take a good rest. Hope to see Eriksson as soon as possible in the future games.

However, it is regrettable that this happened. So as not to continue and repeat the tragedy. We must learn simple first aid knowledge. If there is an emergency around us next time, our small actions can save a life.

Dongpin medical class time-identify 6 similar vertigo emergencies
[Syncope]: Commonly known as syncope and fainting. It is mainly a transient loss of consciousness caused by transient brain hypoxia. Generally, it comes quickly and goes quickly, and the duration is relatively short.
[Coma]: Consciousness disorder usually lasts for a long time and is difficult to recover. Syncope usually recovers on its own after proper treatment.
[Shock]: Clinically, there is no clear boundary between syncope and shock. The difference is mainly due to the clear consciousness in the early stage of shock, often anxiety, shortness of breath, pale and clammy skin, fast and weak pulse, and often history of dehydration, blood loss or infection.
[Dizziness]: Mainly feel the rotation of oneself or the surrounding scenery, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and general unconscious disturbance.
[Epilepsy] (commonly known as schizophrenia): loss of consciousness during epileptic seizures. The duration of seizures is similar to syncope. The typical manifestations are clonic and tonic convulsions. The complexion turns from pale to blue and then red, which may be accompanied by tongue biting and urinary incontinence.
[Hysteria]: Before the onset, there may be breath-holding or hyperventilation, movement of limbs, eyes closed, mental stimulation, etc. Although the patient cannot speak, he is very clear, but it is more common in young women.

Dongpin physiotherapy health care furniture teaches you 4 simple first aid methods:

The most important thing is to call the police first! !
1. It is necessary to prevent the death of the patient from airway obstruction due to coma. It can raise the patient\'s lower jaw to prevent the base of the tongue from falling backward;
2. If the patient has sputum in the throat, he should immediately suck it out with a small rubber tube;
3. When vomiting, turn the patient\'s head to one side to make the vomit and secretions easy to flow out. You can also wrap your fingers with a handkerchief and gauze, and put your hand into the patient’s mouth to remove the vomit;
4. If the patient has dentures, they should be taken out first.

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