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Mar 12,2019
Today is March 12, 2019, it is China\'s Arbor Day.

Why should we advocate planting more trees?

Because of the increasing desert and global warming, afforestation can not only green and beautify their homes, at the same time, it can also play a role in expanding forest resources, preventing soil erosion and protecting farmland, regulating climate and promoting economic development. So in addition to people planting trees in China, we also have Internet planting trees in China. Network tree planting is that netizens can participate in the greening of the West by donating the number of walks per day and bus trips.

hydraulic massage table

In order to become an environment-friendly enterprise faster, dongpin hydraulic massage table company not only advocates tree planting and public transportation for employees, moreover, we discharge pollutants in enterprises in strict accordance with national standards and standardized processes. We will choose environment-friendly materials on the raw materials for purchasing hydraulic massage table. At ordinary times, we will advocate employees to save water and electricity, because the speed of global warming with less power can be slowed down a little. A small force is also a support!

Join the team of "Protectthe Earth warrior" in the DongPin hydraulic massage table to protect our Earth and our home together!

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