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Jun 04,2019
Today I saw a touching news from China. An 11-year-old boy is trying to save the father of leukemia. He frantically increased his fat and added more than 20 kilograms in three months. Currently, the boy has 80 pounds, but the bone marrow transplant must reach 100 pounds. I hope that this little boy will reach his wish as soon as possible, and his father will be able to accompany this little boy to grow up healthily.

Why leukemia has become more and more serious, and the trend of children's illness has increased in recent years, seriously jeopardizing people's lives.

The cause of leukemia: 1. Viral factor 2. chemical factors 3. radiological factors 4. genetic factors

Treating leukemia:Physical examination bed

1. AML treatment (non-M3)

2. M3 treatment

3. ALL treatment

4. Chronic myeloid leukemia treatment

5. Chronic lymphocyte therapy

6. Treatment of central nervous system leukemia

7. Stem cell transplantation

After the leukemia is cured, it usually does not leave any sequelae. Leukemia is not an incurable disease. As long as the patient actively cooperates with the treatment, it is the same as the normal person after the cure. Leukemia is cancer, not contagious, we must give more care and patience to leukemia patients.

Finally, I recommend that you take regular Physical Examination at professional medical clinics and hospitals.
Only if you have health, can you accompany your lover forever.
wish everyone.

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