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DP-5900 Portable massage chair make a brilliant appearance

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Jul 20,2017
The practical style folds up and gets packed simply and fits with most of the client\'s form and size and weighs simply 15kgs. Its options include: arm Height and Angle Adjustments; adjustable Chest Pad; detachable Pad, height and angle changes and adjustable headrest. It contains of a chair, carrying case and therefore the detachable Pillow.

The Dongpin massage chair’s practical style adjusts at each purpose to confirm your client’s most comfort. consideration in at solely 9kgs, it sets up in seconds and folds for movability. The model includes the carry case, removable pillow.

Features: Load Rating 150kgs/ Chair Weight 15kgs/ Seat Height and Angle Adjustments/ Adjustable Chest Pad/Adjustable Head Rest Arm Height and Angle Adjustments/Removable Pillow.
DP-5900 Portable massage chair

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