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Top 10 Best Massage Tables

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Aug 04,2017
There’s no such factor because the good massage table,there’s solely the simplest massage table for you and your clients’ desires. disbursement the time to grasp all of your choices and realize the simplest suited your state of affairs will prevent from ending up with a table that solely serves its purpose rather than serving to you advance your career.

Because candidly, it’s lots of cash. Your massage table can probably be the most important investment of your career outside of your education. sometimes once you’re trying to get a massage table it’s as a result of you’re simply beginning call at the business or even even still in categories and should not have lots of earnings to throw around however thus creating a careful and educated call will prevent cash within the end of the day.

A good massage table ought to last your entire career. it\'s going to seem like lots of cash without delay, however after you suppose that cover the years and many sessions, it appears way more affordable.

And apart from your hands, your massage table is what your purchasers square measure getting to keep in mind most regarding you. If your table is unsteady, uncomfortable, and amateurish trying, it might do serious harm to your career, to not mention your clients’ bodies and your own.

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How to choose a massage table?

There are several factors that you need to consider when shopping for a massage table. Let me break down the most important of them here for you.

Purpose of the table.
The first question is what you will be using your table for.All these different business have different needs that certain tables will meet and others won’t. Next,Will you be using your table as your full-time business or leisure-time.You maybe not know the answer to all this but please take the question in your mind as we continue.

Do you need to travel with your table? If you are not sure, my advise is get a portable one in case it gets replaced in a permanent office setting.
However, if you know you won’t need to travel,a stationary treatment table is a best choice you can finally give yourself.May be it is a luxury but many therapist say they wish they had gotten one sooner.

Quality level.
Your table has to reliably hold hundreds of pounds of weight and pressure while being comfortable enough for your client to feel relaxed and safe. Please take the quality and material into consideration,You can not find massage tables out there for $60 or so.

Generally two to three inches of foam can bring more comfortable to clients and satisfy the demand of the massage therapist.

Tables come in widths ranging from 28 to 35 inches wide. It’s important to keep in mind that larger clients are going to be more comfortable on wider tables and a narrow table could limit your client base.So you had better choose a wider tables.

There are three weight numbers you’ll see when shopping for a massage table. One is the weight of the actual table which is particularly important for portable massage tables because of carrying this thing from place to place without injuring yourself. The availability of massage table trolleys has made this easier to work with and saved a lot of back pain by allowing you to move your table on wheels.
Static weight is the amount of weight that can be dropped on your table without breaking it.
Working weight is the key point you really need to pay attention to. This number includes your client’s weight, the weight of any bolsters you may be using, and the weight that you’ll be adding during your massage.

End plates.
The end plate on your table affect its overall stability. The larger and lower down the legs your end plates are, the more stable your table will be and less likely to rock back and forth.

Some tables offer extras like internal heating and tilt tops. All these things add weight, but also add to the experience and flexibility of your table.

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